Where should I start? Now, more than a month after our beautiful gala evening, emotions are still overflowing me. It was the evening to remember!

Eighty of our closest friends, family, suppliers, sponsored couples, customers and my dance “children”, coming from all over Germany, Great Britain, Holland and Russia, found their way to Speyer that evening. It was like a real patchwork family gathering. While we welcomed our guests with a pink cocktail, Anastasia presented our new image video in the main room. There they could also admire our photo exhibition of a small selection of our photo creations through the years.

As the host of such event, I had to hold the opening speech and I don’t remember the last time I was so nervous. Due to the great pointers from and the introduction by Martin Thiel (SWR), I somehow survived it and managed it reasonably well. Hopefully, I didn’t forget anyone though.

The evening then started with a selection of entrees in the form of a “flying Buffet” by Catering House Straub. Because there was so much catching up to do I totally forgot to try them myself, I think I managed to grab only one bite from Nathalie’s plate.

With a little in the stomach, it was time for the first highlight of the evening. We got to see the surprise show from the Ziga brothers. Together with their stunning ladies, they danced their new cool cha-cha-cha show. Because of some technical difficulties, the music was played not too loud but it had a positive side to it. We all could live through the emotions of the dancers and we could really “hear” the movement and workings of the body without being disturbed by loud sounds. Big thanks go to Micha & Pénélope und Marco & Melody.

After this fearsome show, our guests were hungry for more. And again catering house Straub did a great job serving the main dishes on four live cooking stations. I think everybody found at least one dish according to their preferences.

The second highlight, our fashion show. During the first part of the show, we took the audience through the 10 years of V-studio dance fashion, showing creations from each year since our start in 2008. This year, 2018, was represented through our current V-studio PINK practice-wear collection. And towards the end, we presented current ballroom and latin competition outfits including our latest addition to the range of products, the V-studio Tails. Looking back is all fine and beautiful but what would it all mean without the future? Well, our top-model Alexandra completed this show wearing a dance dress (guess the colour) and stole all the hearts and got the biggest applause from the audience. Although I tried very hard, it was not possible to hold back my tears. Emotions completely overwhelmed me at this point. Thank you very much for the never-ending applause you gave us at the end of the show.

After dessert, served in the same flying matter as the entree we sure didn’t reach the end of the evening yet. Another amazing surprise was still waiting to wow the audience. The current German champions Marius Andrei Balan and Kristina Moshenska made us the best present we could imagine. They danced their amazing tribute-to-our-dance-legends show. It was a once in a lifetime experience to see them dance so close, to feel their love and passion to each other and to the dancing. The audience went ecstatic and didn’t let Marius and Kristina go till they danced their cha-cha-cha as an encore, much to the delight of everybody in the room.

Time flew way too fast this evening and although it was already close to midnight, nobody was in a hurry to leave. Our Feuerbach Team stated a dancing round and we all had so much fun on the dance floor until nearly 2 AM in the morning.

As a final note, I want to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to those people who helped us making this unforgettable evening come true.
Catering Artists Straub for their location, great food and service.
Renate for helping with decoration.
Peter 1 for hanging the photo exhibition.
Melissa for preparing the fashion show.
Peter 2 for my great hairstyling.
Dorthe for being our behind the scenes fairy.
Christoph for being our music man.
Peter 3 for taking the pictures during the event.
Jürgen and Martin for their great moderation.
Nathalie, our amazing master of ceremony and she-can-do-it-all organiser superstar Nathalie. You are the best!

And last but very not least, Bob, my partner in crime. Without you, nothing of it would be possible. Thank you one more time and now we are in for the next 10 years!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to everybody who joined us this evening and made it unforgettable.